• The sixth Chinese international cement exhibition

    The sixth Chinese international cement, concrete, plaster industry exhibition will begin in the middle ofOct in Beijing exhibition hall. Chinese international trade committee approves the exhibition.Chinese building material association will preside, Chinese cement association un

  • Advice on not investing blindly in cement industry

    Cement is an important building material, in recent years, with developing of building industry, cement demand increases fast. In China there are some problems: a. 75 percent of cement factories are vertical kiln producing, the technology is far behind advanced technology, b. in

  • The largest private enterprise--- Guangyu group and its board chairman Mr.Fengguangcheng

    Guangyu group,lying in the improving region----Yangxunqiao town Shaoxing City, is the largest private enterprise. Main affiliated companies of which are Zhejiang glass share holding Co, Zhejiang Huaqiang floor brick Ltd, Zhejiang technology Ltd, Zhejiang project glass Ltd, Shaoxi

  • INTERCEM will be opened in Shanghai

    Following on from the success of INTERCEM ASIA in Beijing in 2003, INTERCEM and its Chinese partner, Sinoma, are pleased to announce that the INTERCEM CHINA Conference will take place in September 2004 in Shanghai. This event will be the first international cement conference full

  • Stopping credit supporting for ten industries

    Chinese reform committee instituted ‘catalog of low level projects’, in this catalog, ten industries are listed to be banned and be restrained. According to the policy, to the industries, which are listed to be banned and be restrained, each financial organization should stop i

  • Chinacements visiting FLENDER Group

    FLENDER Group is the largest group that produces spread-moving facility, has advanced technology, and its quality is best.FLENDER reducer standard was listed as Chinese reduce standard in 70’s twenty century. FLENDER Group supply China many good reducers. Now in Chinese market 8

  • bank interest rate not change

    Spokesman of Chinese reform committee, Mr. Chaoyushu said, China received good achievement through macro controlling, the controlling is in crucial time now, and Chinese reform committee would change their policy recently, so within short time, they would not adjust bank interest

  • BOC sees slowdown in loan growth in May

    The Bank of China, the country's second biggest commercial bank, said Sunday its credit supply slowed down in May in response to the government's effort to tighten money supply to selected sectors. The bank said its loans to five overheated sectors dropped by 46 percent in May, b