• bank interest rate not change

    Spokesman of Chinese reform committee, Mr. Chaoyushu said, China received good achievement through macro controlling, the controlling is in crucial time now, and Chinese reform committee would change their policy recently, so within short time, they would not adjust bank interest

  • BOC sees slowdown in loan growth in May

    The Bank of China, the country's second biggest commercial bank, said Sunday its credit supply slowed down in May in response to the government's effort to tighten money supply to selected sectors. The bank said its loans to five overheated sectors dropped by 46 percent in May, b

  • Lanfeng -Mr.Zhaojinjian

    In beautiful city yichun, there is a garden cement corporation; it is only for four years’time the corporation has been hugest strongest cement corporation of yichun as well as one of the top four civil cement corporations-------that is Lanfeng cement group in jiangxi province.

  • new measure of territory resources department

    Chinese territory resources department will do some measures to control land supply preventing cement industry from excess investing.The territory resources department will change itselffrom current single management section to national macro control section, in the future, land

  • pre-alarm of central bank to cement industry

    Chinese people’s bank issued an executive reporton currency policy of the first season in 2004, the report point out the risky situation of cement and steel etc industry.The report said, the central bank did a quick investigation to the financing situation of steel and cement in

  • File on environment protecting

    File No.12 (2004)Urgent notice on executing file No.103:First: local environment protecting department should examine total pollution drainage of cement, steel enterprises one by one, if there are any enterprises, the drainage of which do not agree with standard or other pollutin

  • Attention:blinding investing in cement and steel industry

    (File No. 103)State Department has already agreed with the files ‘advice on stopping blind investing in cement and steel industry’, ‘advice on stopping blind investing in electrolytic aluminum industry’ and 'advice on stopping blind investing in cement industry’ drafted by r

  • Chinacements set a career column

    Chinacements sets a career column, now the column is in testing. We invite thepeople resource director of Lafarge, our consultant to Hangzhou to instruct for this column. 20th April 2004, Mr.cheng visited Century net science technology Ltd; he andour compilers discussed how to co