• A look forward at bauma China 2004

    Date:13th International Cement Conference & Exhibition, Muscat, Oman

    Economic official foresees market-oriented financing in China

     A State Development and Reform Commission senior official said here Wednesday that one direction for China's next step of reform is to let the market play the major role in financing.

    But Jiang Weixin, vice minister in charge of the commission, acknowledged that "it wa

  • Market must adjust itself

    China's financial authorities apparently found a way to make the nation's economy land softly, but they failed to figure out how to let the market adjust itself.

    Instead, they continue to use their administrative powers to adjust the nation's rapidly expanding market. <

  • Reform of investment system deepened

    The State Council, China's cabinet,has just publicized a major decision on deepening the reform of its investment system, enabling businesses to make final decisions on investment and the market to allocate resources.

    The decision was made in the course of the gove

  • Cement shortages - a temporary or long term problem?

    The United States is suffering a cement shortage caused by a number of factors including a strong economy and corresponding increases in cement consumption. Domestic production is under pressure and difficulties with imports are a result of a combination of high freight costs

  • China curbs growth of overheated sectors

    China has effectively curbed the breakneck growth of its credit and investment sectors, and is making progress on the structural adjustment of other overheated sectors, said an official from the State Reform and Development Commission (SRDC) here Tuesday.


  • Cooling down housing boom

    Measures should be taken to dilute the real estate industry's leverage over China's economy, according to an article in Beijing News. An excerpt follows:

    Due to efforts to corral its red-hot economy, China has attained some notable achieveme

  • Energy shortfall to persist

    With tremendous investment driving China's economy, supply shortages of coal, electricity and oil will continue for some time, a senior economics official said yesterday in Beijing.

    "We still see no sight of change or things getting better in this regard," said Ma Liqiang

  • Economy Growths Healthily in May

    In May of this year, China's industrial growth reached 17 percent and the total import and export volume increased 34 percent, making profits of over two billion US dollars. Some industries which had an excessive increase in the first quarter slowed down.

    Meanwhile, China

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